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Welcome to ‘Her Middle Age’

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Hello and Welcome

Thanks for coming to take a look at what I’m doing here.

I am Helen, a middle aged English woman; living, working and playing in Sydney, Australia.

My daily life is filled with people,work, hobbies, conversations and responsibilities.

I know that I am not alone in wearing so many different hats, that goes with the territory of being a woman, especially a middle aged woman.

What is Middle Age?

What is Middle Age? How is that defined?

The Oxford English Dictionary tells us that middle age is between about 45 and 65.

The MacQuarie Dictionary pitches it as ‘intermediate in age, between youth and old age.'

The US Census lists the category of middle age from 55 to 65.

Okey dokey then!!

So it’s not an exact science, but one thing is certain; Middle aged people make up a huge chunk of the population, around 40% by some estimates.

That means that a significant amount of humans identify as a 'Middle Aged Woman’, whether they enjoy that title or not!

Where Are All The Middle Aged Women?

So here is the question that I found popping into my head on an alarmingly regular basis:

If there are so many middle aged women out there....

why is it so hard to see them, hear them or learn from them?

Regular searches of the internet flag the horrors of menopause,

the financial anxiety created by the pay-gap,

the stalled careers after care giving

and the loneliness of the empty nest.

Swing the pendulum the other way and our Social Media platforms have pages upon pages that will cheerfully show us how to look our best,

flatten our tummy

embrace our greys,

look years younger and adapt our skin care routines.

I'm grateful to have access to all of that!

I’m front and centre and taking notes!

I love a tip or trick that makes me look and feel more confident.

Add in a liquid eye-liner tutorial and I am hooked.

Where is the middle ground?

Where is the happy medium of middle aged womanhood?

The day to day reality of our lived experience?

We have rich, interesting lives.

We've built astonishing careers with impressive skill sets and gained hard won knowledge.

We've developed and protected complex friendships and honed hilarious stories.

We've survived heart rending disappointments and possess insight that we can all benefit from.

I am at an age (53) where I feel transparent in some situations, and downright invisible in others.

By most standards, in my daily life I would be described as confident, outgoing and possibly a little bit loud!

So if I'm feeling invisible, what about the quiet woman? The shy woman? The non confrontational woman?

How does she get seen or heard? ? ?

So I have decided on action!

I want to see and hear middle aged women from all walks of life.

I want to know about their role models; who were the middle aged women that raised them?

How does their culture view and treat middle aged women?

I want to know about the paths they took to their career.

Were they prepared for the possibility of a career at all?

I'd love to hear about their close friendships and their big life lessons.

I want to create a place where I can be myself, and other middle aged women can be themselves...in our entirety.

I would love to hear from you if you have stories to share with me.

We're only invisible if we don't step forward.


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