• Helen Ferguson

My Word for 2022


I've been convinced by the idea of choosing a word to help me set my intentions for the New Year.

Not an action or new hobby, just a new lens to bring life into a fresh focus.

Resolutions have a knack of going way off course very quickly, if they ever get off the ground in the first place.

Then you're just left feeling disappointed with yourself.

Over the years I have fallen into that pit a few times:

Workout routines, Job Hunting, Detoxes.

Doomed to failure.

3 years ago, I felt pretty burnt out.

After an epic year of growth in our family business, a young Teen with an enviable social life and a pretty impressive social whirl of my own.

I approached the new year with the certain knowledge that I couldn't maintain that pace forever.

I proclaimed that the coming year would be my year of 'No'.

Things that I couldn't easily schedule - No

Things that didn't light me up - No

Things that put me in a room with people that put me on edge - Hell No!

It wasn't a complete success, I still over-scheduled more than I wanted to, but far less than the previous year.

Some people still pushed my buttons in social settings, but I began to create some new boundaries that helped.

I'm good at change, just not change that must happen in the middle of a Public Holiday when you've got 10 people over for a barbecue.

My word for 2022 is Unfurl.

Gentle, delicate, slow change.

From wrapped up or packed away, to open and alive.

Two years of hide and seek dictated by Covid restrictions have left me feeling cramped and bogged down.

I need to move and stretch.

I want to push some boundaries and gaze out over horizons.

Physically and metaphorically.

Unfurl is an attitude that I will strive to bring to my decision making moments.

If I have a choice to make, what path will open up my life?

What action will help me to catch a breeze that moves me forward?

What space can I occupy that will allow me to grow and develop as a Middle Aged Woman?

The tiniest Fern frond can unravel into an impressive, shade giving shelter.

The smallest Dinghy can open its sail and dash across the lake.

I'm not trying to reinvent myself for 2022, and I think we are not out of Covid's wood quite yet.

I just want to be open to opportunities for growth and change that could add beauty and depth to a normal day.


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